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Owning and Securely Maintaining Digital Assets

Cboe Digital's Approach to Custody, Wallets and Security

Cboe Digital is improving the digital asset trading and investing space with reliable technology, regulated frameworks and robust capital market workflows.  In this first white paper, we talk about our approach to custody, the cryptographic techniques we are adopting and the operational processes we are setting as industry standards.

You will also learn about:

  • Global cryptographic standards that Cboe Digital has adopted for information-theoretic security.
  • Clearinghouse procedures that ensure the use of new, factory-sealed hardware and rigorously tested software.
  • Definitions of private and public keys, hot and cold storage and more!

If you are interested in how to safely store your digital assets as well as how Cboe Digital is leveraging leading edge technology for its custodial solutions, please register to download this white paper.